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Lakeland Engineering Equipment Company

Through Lakeland Engineering Equipment Company, we distribute industrial electrical equipment, electrical control components, solenoid valves, electrical enclosures and many other electrical products from leading suppliers like Honeywell Sensing and Control (MicroSwitch), ASCO, Delta Fabricating, ABB and more. But we’re much more than a distributor. We can work with you to provide everything from engineered electrical control panels to custom microprocessor systems design, and from PLCs and tailored SCADA software development to industrial computers.


Case Studies

Acer Engineers Automated Material Feed System Supplied with Electrical Components from Lakeland Engineering Equipment Company

Acer Inc. was developing their first automated material handling system based on pneumatics/vacuum. They knew there was a need for this type of machinery within the truss industry and began developing this system. The Ranger required a complete motor control system and a laser measuring scanner. Being unsatisfied with a distributor they had worked within the past, and having previous ties to Lakeland, Acer again looked to Lakeland Engineering Equipment Company to find solutions for a complete motor control system and an advanced laser.


Valley Craft Engineers Custom Cabinet Manipulator with a Motor Control System Supplied by Lakeland Engineering Equipment Company

Valley Craft Industries was approached by a large manufacturer to design and engineer a customized cabinet lift to enhance the safety and efficiency of their manufacturing process. With specific requirements including the cabinet manipulator’s rotation, contact points and start and stop speeds, Valley Craft selected Lakeland Engineering to provide a complete motor control system and ensure their customer’s needs were met. With Valley Craft being new to VFD technology, Lakeland helped them overcome these barriers and collaborated with their engineering team to complete their customer’s vision.


Lakeland Engineering Equipment Company and Acrotech, Inc. Automate “Most Sophisticated Roll Bending Machine”

Acrotech, Inc. came to Lakeland Engineering Equipment Company in search of specific electrical components and automation expertise for a custom roll bending machine Acrotech was building for a new OEM customer. The machine needed to be automated to meet the customer’s specific requirements and goals, including a higher-level of machine operator safety and material rolling in one continuous pass. Having bought from Lakeland before and knowing the type of service, expertise, and resources that the Lakeland team had, Acrotech called on Lakeland to find the best solution that would fit their customer’s needs. Together with Lakeland’s team of resources, they were able to provide Acrotech with a fully-automated solution inclusive of the requirements outlined by their customer.


Industry & Products Line Cards

Honeywell MicroSwitch and ASCO Solenoid Valves

We are proud to offer our customers the complete line of Honeywell MicroSwitch products designed to provide superior interlocking and position monitoring and ASCO solenoid valves to control the critical flow of air, gas, water, oil and steam in applications spanning numerous industries.


Solutions for Water and Wastewater Facilities

We specialize in providing tailored solutions for water and wastewater treatment facilities, along with the service and support to calibrate, install and maintain your equipment.


Solutions for Systems Integrators

Lakeland distributes electrical motor control components, custom and standard UL label metal enclosures, explosion proof and fiberglass enclosures, variable frequency drives, PLCs and HMIs, sensing products, transformer and power supplies, enclosure heating and cooling products, circuit protection devices, panel labeling and graphics, and connection products from industry leading manufacturers.


Expanded Inventory of PULS Power Supplies & Marathon Special Products

Lakeland Engineering Equipment Company has expanded our inventory of Marathon Special Products fuse holders, power blocks and terminal blocks as well as PULS Dimension, Piano and MiniLine power supply series. These top selling additional electrical components have been added in-stock and are available now to best meet the growing needs of our customers.


Camera Line Card – Lakeland Engineering Equipment Company

Lakeland is a leading provider and installer of indoor and weatherproof outdoor security cameras and camera systems. Our cameras are custom-built and come in both dome and bullet camera models. They include all the great features you need to keep your business safe and secure. Call for pricing.


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