5 Benefits of Renting Electrical Test Equipment

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Lakeland’s rental site offers electrical test equipment that allows you to try out products without the commitment of buying. We offer flexible rental durations to meet your needs and your budget. Lakeland has power meters, multimeters, power quality analyzers, thermal imagers, hipot testers, megohmmeters and more available for rent.

Here are five benefits of renting you should consider when trying to decide if you should rent or buy:

  • Avoid the Initial Purchase Cost: Brand new equipment can be expensive and can make a big impact on your budget. Purchasing is a long-term investment, while renting avoids these upfront costs.
  • Project Specific Rentals: Consider renting specific pieces of equipment for particular projects. Renting allows you to have the flexibility to source the right equipment for a particular job.
  • Try Before You Buy: One of the great benefits to renting is that it allows you to try a product before you buy. Being locked into the wrong equipment for a job can strain your projects and turn into a hassle. Renting an item to test it out allows you to be sure you are using the correct equipment.
  • Less Maintenance and Repair Costs: When you own equipment, you have to consider the cost of maintenance and repair. With rentals, the time and labor costs associated with maintenance and repairs are significantly lower and more manageable, if there are any at all. Equipment failures are not only costly, but delay project completion. When you rent, you can be confident that your equipment is dependable and will operate at peak performance.
  • No Need for Storage: It goes without saying that the more tools and equipment you own, the more space you will need to protect and store it all. Renting equipment allows you to have the equipment when you need it, without having to think about long-term storage.

Lakeland is here to help with your rental needs.

There are several reasons why renting may be beneficial to you. Whether it be to cater to your short-term equipment needs, providing a specialty performance, or trying a product before committing to purchasing, Lakeland is here to help you get the right equipment for the job when you need it. We’ve got the rental solutions for you.

Visit our online rentals shop to select your rental duration and checkout using our easy and secure online portal or contact your local sales rep at sales@lakelandengineering.com.

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