Industries Served

Lakeland Engineering Equipment Company provides industrial components and electrical systems solutions tailored to fit your specific application needs. Whether you’re a contractor, OEM, custom machine builder, irrigator or within another industry, Lakeland has access to a breadth of electrical motor controls and solutions, flexible options to add your products to our stock and an unrivaled level of local support.

Electrical & Mechanical Contractors

Lakeland provides a large selection of industrial components from top electronic component suppliers across the globe to electrical and mechanical contractors and plumbers. We are a leading distributor of electronic components, electrical motor controls, enclosures and more. Contractors trust in Lakeland to provide the product they need, on-time, with exceptional application assistance.

MRO – Maintenance Repair and Operating

Whether you’re in a factory, machine shop, control room, oil refinery, or agricultural plant, Lakeland provides thousands of electrical components from leading suppliers, expert resources and assistance to meet your maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) needs. Contact us for a local partner that’s dedicated to enhancing your processes and efficiency.


We have partnered with many resellers over the years. As a leading Midwest electronic components distributor, Lakeland has access to more than 65 top product lines. Our knowledge, services, umbrella of resources and unwavering commitment to provide the best possible service set us apart from other distributors.

OEMs – Original Equipment Manufacturers

For more than 60-years, Lakeland has delivered tailored solutions for our largest customer base – Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). OEMs continue to rely on us for a deep inventory of industrial electronic components with the brands they trust, at a price they can accept and the local, one-on-one service they can count on.

Custom Machine Builders

Streamline your machine building process with the help of Lakeland. We carry the high-quality, reliable products you need with the local support you deserve. From motor controls, valves, PLC and HMIs, sensors, switches and much more, Lakeland has the tools to automate your custom built machines.

Water / Wastewater

Help your plant run more efficiently, extend facility life, and make water and wastewater treatment more reliable, consistent and affordable with Lakeland. We specialize in custom solutions for water and wastewater treatment facilities and high-quality products including valves, motor controls, drives and more.


Lakeland has worked extensively with a variety of packaging facilities to provide complete electrical motor control systems. Our team of experts understands the workings of electric control components and mechanical power transmission to provide an efficient, safe and cost-effective process. For application assistance, drives start-up and local support, Lakeland has the tools to help you succeed.

Food and Beverage

Whether your Food & Beverage system requires electric motor controls, pneumatic and hydraulic valves and cylinders or other electric motor components, Lakeland is here to provide you with exceptional application assistance and local support.


Ensure your irrigation systems are operating at peak efficiency with Lakeland’s wide variety of electrical components, team of resources and application assistance. We have a 60-year trajectory of providing tailored solutions to meet the needs of all irrigators.

Systems Integrators

Partner with Lakeland on your next systems integration project. We offer a wide variety of electrical motor controls components, custom and standard U.L. label metal enclosures, explosion proof and fiberglass enclosures, variable frequency drives, PLCs and HMIs, sensing products, transformer and power supplies, enclosure heating and cooling products, circuit protection devices, panel labeling and graphics and connection products from industry leading manufacturers. Whatever the application, Lakeland has the expertise to advise on the proper hardware devices and customized solutions for your customer’s special requirements.