ABB Universal Safety Relays for Machine Operator Safety

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The safety of machinery operators is a key priority for plant floor operators. One way that safety functions are automated to protect machinery operators from injury is through control circuits configured by safety relays.

Safety relays work to detect and prevent potentially hazardous situations from occurring. They regularly check for short-circuits, provide alerts for abnormal signals, and generate a reasonable response. Safety relays can be customized to a set of specific needs for a variety of applications. They can also be connected to monitor the plant floor.

ABB Universal Safety Relays

ABB universal safety relays

To remain on the cutting-edge of technology, ABB has continued to improve their safety relay system design. In the past, safety relays could not be interchangeable between applications. The assortment of safety relays for each specific application was a headache for maintenance teams and suppliers that needed a wide-assortment of these specific relays for each customer and machine.

When universal safety relays were first released, the term “universal” was used rather loosely. Although these products were an improvement to the original safety relays and could be used across some applications, they often required complex software to operate. This proved to be problematic for maintenance teams trying to learn the set-up, configuration, and servicing of these software-programmed relays.

Universal Safety Relays Today

As technology has advanced, so has the terminology of “universal.” The newer models of universal safety relays can be transformed into the safety relay that best fits your application. They also require less complexity and reduce end user maintenance.

Advantages of universal safety relays:

universal safety relays

  • Easy configuration
  • Improved operating precision
  • Can be used in a wide-variety of applications
  • Function over many voltages
  • Allows for individual safety relay consolidation
  • Enhanced machine operator safety
  • Less expensive spare part inventory

The safety of your machine operators should be the main priority when selecting the universal safety relay system that best fits your applications. At Lakeland, we have committed to a high standard of safety. We take the safety of our employees, distributors, and end users very seriously. If you are looking to reduce the risk of hazards on your plant floors and consolidate your safety relay system, give the specialists at Lakeland a call today.

To learn more about ABB safety relays, download their article today.

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