ARC Flash Protection – ARC Flash Rated and PPE Clothing Now Available

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ARC Flash Protection_suitOne of the values Lakeland Engineering Equipment Co. is committed to is the safety of our employees and customers. To uphold this commitment, Lakeland has partnered with an industry-leading supplier of ARC Flash rated and PPE clothing. This pairs well with Lakeland’s umbrella of electrical safety resources which include a certified electrical safety partner who performs ARC Flash assessments, trainings and more. Being in the electrical industry, it’s vital that Lakeland help our customers protect their employees and comply with industry codes.

ARC Flash Protective Wear

ARC Flash events are extremely dangerous exposures that users can encounter while performing electrical work. These exposures can include electrical shock, burn and even fatality. According to our new partner, Chicago Protective Apparel, temperatures can reach as high as 35,000°F, with fatal burns occurring even at distances up to and exceeding 10 feet. The NFPA 70E requires employers to perform an ARC Flash hazard analysis to determine the protection boundary distance. Pending the results, employees are required to wear a certain category level of PPE clothing.

The NFPA 70E has set requirements and guidelines for the selection of ARC Flash clothing needed that includes fabric type, fit, coverage and more. The ARC Flash hazard analysis helps determine the appropriate clothing needed to provide a thermal barrier to minimize injuries that result from clothing that is not the appropriate ARC Flash rating and continues to burn.

ARC Flash Rated and PPE Clothing Offered through Lakeland Includes:

  • ARC Flash Clothing
  • ARC Flash Protection Kits
  • PPE Clothing Levels 1-4
  • Face Shields
  • Hoods
  • Bib Kits
  • And More

ARC Flash Protection

Chicago Protective Apparel also notes that, “Garments that meet the ASTM F1506 and NFPA 70E are also in compliance with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.269 Electrical Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution, with regard to protective clothing not contributing to burn severity. In addition, the Department of Energy has required that federal and contractor employees comply with NFPA 70E, and the 2002 National Electric Code (NEC) references the standard.”

ARC Flash Site Assessments and ARC Flash Hazard Analyses

Checking the box on electrical safety compliance does not have to be a costly endeavor. Simplicity and usability should be your goal. To help, Lakeland and our team of resources are here to deliver industry-leading services designed for the wandering OSHA Representatives and facility maintenance workers.

These services include ARC Flash site assessments and ARC Flash hazard analyses from our certified partner in electrical safety. In addition, Lakeland and our new partner Chicago Protective Apparel can outfit your team with the appropriate ARC Flash rated and PPE clothing. To help prevent ARC Flash events, protect your employees from electrical shock and burn and stay in compliance with NFPA 70E code, contact your local Lakeland rep to discuss your electrical safety needs.

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