ASCO™ Series 209 Proportional Valves

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ASCO Series 209 proportional valves offer superior precision, flow and power consumption for medical devices, hydrogen fuel pumps, food equipment and more

Emerson Introduces ASCO Series 209 Flow Control Valves

The ASCO™ Series 209 proportional solenoid valves are designed to proportionally control the flow of air, inert gases, and liquids with high repeatability. It is actuated by varying the electrical input signal to the coil. This valve series sets a new benchmark in precise proportional flow control performance. It is designed to achieve the highest level of precision while using less power to allow system performance optimization and efficiency. The valves are extremely versatile and can be used across multiple applications, from chemical dosing to coffee machines and from cooling systems to hydrogen fuel cell applications.

ASCO 209 Series Proportional Valves


ASCO 209 Series Proportional Valves
  • Low hysteresis (<= 5%), excellent repeatability (<= 1%), and high sensitivity (<= 0.2%) make the valves ideal for high-precision flow control.
  • Minimum operating pressure is not required, and the valves are well-suited for vacuum.
  • Internal constructions are designed to operate nearly friction-free. This allows a very precise proportional flow control.
  • Optimal system performance and efficiency with low power consumption and short response time of up to <= 15 ms.
  • Compact architecture saves valuable space in complex machineries and equipment.
  • The direct-acting proportional flow control valves are designed for a wide range of applications to control very precise flow of liquids and gases.
  • Improved internal design allows the valve to operate at extremely low noise levels.

In addition to solenoid valves, Lakeland also stocks:

  • Pneumatic valves
  • Kits
  • Re-build kits

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