Carlo Gavazzi Photoelectric Sensor – Increased Detection Reliability at a Lower Cost

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Are you looking for a sensor that will detect smaller objects at a greater distance with enhanced accuracy, safety, and repeatability? Have you considered a photoelectric sensor but haven’t found the perfect fit for your needs? Carlo Gavazzi may have the right product solution for you. The new PD30CN Series Photoelectric Sensor is longer-lasting, safer, and more cost-effective than a laser sensor.

The New PD30CN Photoelectric Sensor

photoelectric sensor

Carlo Gavazzi’s recently released PD30CN Series Photoelectric Sensor with PointSpot Beam eliminates the halo light disturbance, increases detection reliability, and is more precise than standard LED technology. In addition, the red visible light allows for easy set-up and is much safer than a laser sensor as it does not harm one’s eyes.

The PD30CN Series consists of a background suppression version as well as a polarized retro-reflective version. Both of these versions have a narrow red light PointSpot beam. This visible red light narrow beam allows for more accurate detection of smaller objects in comparison to standard sensors, but larger than those a laser can detect.

The sensors are typically used as applications for Packaging, Palletizers, Material Handling, Plastics and Machine Tools machinery equipment.

Looking to make the Switch from a Laser Sensor to a Photoelectric Sensor?

Lakeland Engineering Equipment Company and Carlo Gavazzi have a long-standing relationship of combined success. Contact a product specialist for answers to application-specific questions and one-on-one assistance to fulfill all of your ordering needs.

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