Certified Variable Frequency Drives Specialists Trained on ABB, Lenze, Schneider Electric and Yaskawa

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Drive Start-Up, Troubleshooting, Programming Assistance and More

certified variable frequency drive specialists

Did you know that the Lakeland team consists of certified drives specialists, trained on Yaskawa, Schneider Electric, ABB, Lenze and other industry-leading suppliers? To uphold our commitment of providing expert local support, Lakeland has committed to developing our team and resources to provide the level of application assistance and value-add services our customers deserve.

drive start-upThere are a variety of variable frequency drive services our specialists provide, including:

  • Drive Start-Up
  • Drive Troubleshooting
  • Drive Programming Assistance
  • Loading Drives Programs
  • Teaching Customers How to Set Drive Parameters and How to Use other Drive Components
  • Demoing Drive Options
  • Selecting the Right Program for Your Drive
  • Drive and Programming Specs for Your Application
  • Providing a Complete Drive Solution

Lakeland travels to your site to provide expert drive start-up assistance. With a 65+ year trajectory of building strong supplier relationships, Lakeland regularly partners with our top of the line suppliers to ensure we provide the highest level of customer and technical support.

Whether your application is a fan, pump, or conveyor, Lakeland is here to provide you with VFD start-up, troubleshooting and additional assistance. Get in touch with your local Lakeland rep today by emailing sales@lakelandengineering.com or completing our contact form.


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