Connecting Your Plant Floor to Prepare for IIoT

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How Protocol Conversion can Connect Your Plant Floor to Prepare for IIoT

Have you considered implementing a solution that would allow you to become more intelligent about your manufacturing plant, machines, and overall processes? The buzz around Industrial IoT is growing immensely as more and more industries realize the benefits connectivity can provide. These benefits include the ability to minimize downtime, increases efficiency, save costs, and more.

prepare for iIIoT

How do I Prepare My Plant or Manufacturing Floor for IIoT?

The ability to connect plant floor equipment from multiple manufacturers is a key component to IIoT readiness. Connectivity can be made possible through protocol conversion. Typically in a manufacturing setting, there are multiple machines on the floor, each with its own set of parameters to operate and control. So how do manufacturers connect legacy and advanced equipment to be able to talk to each other?

Replacing and integrating legacy equipment is not a viable option because of the associated costs. Instead, manufacturers are looking to protocol conversion to equip their plant floor for Industrial IoT. A protocol converter allows machines with different procedures to work efficiently together and provide complete data to improve overall equipment effectiveness.

Benefits of Protocol Conversion & IIoT Implementation:

  • Gain knowledge about your equipment
  • Reduce downtime
  • Improve overall equipment effectiveness
  • Make real-time analysis and decisions
  • Extend the life of your equipment

prepare for IIoTThe ability to provide protocol conversion in a Human Machine Interface (HMI) or other automation products like Red Lion’s Data Station Plus across a multi-vendor environment allows plants to connect, monitor, and control all different devices. With these products, there’s no need to spend a fortune updating your equipment – old and new products can talk to each other efficiently and effectively.

To read the full whitepaper, download “How Protocol Conversion Addresses IIoT Challenges,” by Red Lion. For more information, connect with your local Lakeland sales representative.

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