Connecting Power Supplies In Parallel

Power supplies from the same series (for example PULS’ Q-Series) can be paralleled to increase the output power. The output voltage shall be adjusted to the same value (±100mV) or the units can be left with the factory settings.

If more than three units are connected in parallel, a fuse or circuit breaker with a rating of 25A is required on each output. Alternatively, a diode or redundancy module can also be utilized.

Keep an installation clearance of 15mm (left / right) between two power supplies and avoid installing the power supplies on top of each other. Do not use power supplies in parallel in mounting orientations other than the standard mounting orientation (input terminals on the bottom of the unit) or in any other condition where a derating of the output current is required (e.g. altitude, above 60°C, …).

Pay attention that leakage current, EMI, inrush current, harmonics will increase when using multiple power supplies. Please see 24v circuit diagram.

 24v Circuit Diagram


The DIMENSION Q series stands for best-in-class 1-phase and 3-phase DIN rail power supplies with 80W to 960W output power. These high-end power supplies are characterized by their compact housings, very long lifetime and high reliability.

All Q series power supplies feature 50% BonusPower, which support the starting of heavy loads such as DC-motors or capacitive loads. The excellent efficiency values (e.g. QT40.241, up to 95.3%) mean lower power losses in form of heat. 

High immunity to transients and power surges as well as low electromagnetic emission makes usage in nearly every environment possible.

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