Designing Four NEC Class 2 Branch Circuits with One Power Supply

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Simple and cost effective way to design four NEC Class 2 branch circuits by using just one power supply

PULS recently released an educational whitepaper regarding NEC Codes and PISA – a new and innovative concept for current distribution and protection of branch circuits. PISA is a universal tool for most applications. With the PISA11.CLASS2 module, several individual NEC Class 2 power supplies can be replaced by one large and more cost-effective power supply. The distribution into individual NEC Class 2 circuits is handled by the PISA protection module.

PISA features a comprehensive protection package for 24VDC loads which are supplied by one power supply. The PISA module is superior to traditional miniature circuit breakers and also provides better protection than costly electronic fuses.

NEC Class 2

PISA11 protection units can be used to cost-effectively design four NEC Class two branch circuits using just one power supply and one PISA module. If more than four branches are required, multiple PISA modules can be connected to the power supply. For small currents up to 2A, PISA11.401 and PISA11.402 are sufficient.

When an output close to the maximum 100W NEC Class 2 limit is required, the specially developed PISA11.CLASS2 is the ideal solution. All outputs on these three previously mentioned PISA modules are classified as “Limited Power Source“ (LPS) circuits according to the IEC/EN 60950-1 and therefore meet the requirements for NEC Class 2 circuits.

Protect Against Overload, Hazardous Situations & More

The PISA modules can be supplied by power supplies of any power class. During the event of an overload or system failure, the maximum current is limited for a specific time, then all four outputs on the PISA module shutdown. The internal protection mechanism in the PISA modules protects against hazardous situations that can arise even in the event of a single fault or an equipment defect.

Miniature NEC Class 2 Circuits

NEC Class 2 circuits can also be designed using miniature circuit breakers or fuses. However, in practice, this often fails because the NEC does not permit a power higher than 250VA when the fuse or miniature circuit breaker is bypassed.

Using a higher wattage power supply together with the PISA11 protection module can achieve NEC Class 2 circuits more cost-effectively.

Need Application Assistance?

Download the whitepaper for more information. For application assistance, contact Lakeland and our umbrella of experts. We’re dedicated to finding the right solution for your application while providing the local, in-person support you deserve. Get in touch with us today.

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