Dranetz Power Quality Analyzers

Power Quality Analyzers are multi-functional devices designed to measure the power flow in electrical systems. Although these sophisticated instruments are used in many applications and industries, there is no universal solution to every power measurement challenge. There are several factors to consider when selecting the best for you and your needs. These factors include accuracy, number and type of inputs, dynamic power measurement, raw data storage and analysis, and real-time results.

Dranetz Power Quality Analyzers are available to buy or rent at Lakeland Engineering, and we are here to provide you with the power analyzer that will best fit your needs. Click here to read our post on tips for helping you select a power quality analyzer. 

Power Quality Analyzer Rentals

Dranetz Jumpers

How do I use the jumpers on a Dranetz Power Quality Analyzer and what is the purpose of using them? In this video, Lakeland shows you how to use jumpers in the standard WYE connection, the Floating connection, and the Two-Watt Delta connection.

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