Eaton/Bussmann Outlines the Top 2017 NEC Code Changes

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Lakeland Engineering is committed to providing the most up-to-date information to our partners. In an effort to continuously promote safety, a main pillar of our organization, we have paired with suppliers like Eaton/Bussmann that are focused on making compliance and safety simple for our customers.

With some states already beginning to implement the 2017 National Electrical Code (NEC®), it’s important to understand the various NEC code changes to ensure your organization is compliant.

Eaton/Bussmann has outlined the top seven need-to-know items regarding the recent NEC updates.
  1. Increased shock protection and expanded requirements for GFCIs, tamper-resistance, and panel board barriers.
  2. Modified definition of a “structure” to clarify electrical vehicle chargers and equipment where one of more branch circuits is required.
  3. Service entrance equipment that is rated 1200 amps or more must be labeled to help with proper PPE selection.
  4. Short-circuit currents must be clearly marked and documented at the install location, and additional equipment SCCCR requirements have been made. Read additional information about this topic in Bussmann’s full overview.
    Comply with NEC Code Changes
  5. Marking and documenting the available fault current for additional power distribution equipment.
  6. Updating surge protection requirements for equipment such as fire pump controllers, wind generation systems, and disconnects that supply emergency system loads.
  7. Full maintenance updates are required for emergency systems.
    NEC Code Changes

For more information on the seven things you need to know regarding the 2017 NEC code changes, download the brochure from Eaton/Bussmann.

To learn more about how Lakeland and Eaton/Bussmann can make compliance and safety simple for your organization, email us at or contact us via the request form.

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