Emerson Introduces Magnetic Target Switch

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Emerson have introduced Magnetic Target Switch (MTS) for position sensing in standard-duty and extreme-duty operation environments.

Magnetic Target Switch

The TopWorx MTS is a magnetic, target-actuated, barrel-style switch designed to deliver trusted performance and outstanding value in applications ranging from standard industrial to extreme-duty. Featuring universal certifications including IECEx, ATEX, UL, and CSA, the TopWorx MTS can help reduce time to market by avoiding approval delays.

Available in general purpose, intrinsically safe or explosion proof area classifications, the 316L stainless- steel design of the MTS resists corrosion, making it suitable for use in environments including oil and gas, chemical, industrial energy, on-site utilities, mining, minerals and metals, power generation, pulp and paper, waste and wastewater.


• Automated Valve Position Indication
• Manual Valve Position Indication
• Security Door/Panel Indication
• Limit Switch Alternative

Features & Benefits

Non-Contact Sensing
•Using the provided target magnet, MTS does not require
physical contact, resulting in less required adjustment
over time.

Global Approvals
•Easier to fit project specifications with easy, global general
purpose, explosion-proof or intrinsically safe options.

316L Stainless Steel Enclosure
•Resistant to corrosion, water ingression and other
environmental strains.

Magnetic Target Switch Assistance from Lakeland

As a distributor of Emerson, the Lakeland sales team has a strong relationship with Emerson to provide users with the expert application assistance. Contact us today, or request a quote at sales@lakelandengineering.com.

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