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At the foundation of Lakeland’s success is our employees and the relationships they build with their customers. A prime example of an employee who has gone above and beyond for the customer is Greg Vincent, Account Manager in Kansas City at Lakeland Engineering Equipment Company.

Salesperson of the Year AwardGreg has been with Lakeland for 24-years and is a vital piece of our overall success. As an Account Manager, Greg is responsible for territory growth and providing technical support on the electrical components we sell. Greg is a certified drives specialist, extensively trained on Yaskawa, Emerson, Banner, Turck, TCI and more. He travels across central Kansas and parts of Oklahoma to provide drive start-ups and application assistance to customers.

“My favorite part of working for Lakeland is giving solutions to customers,” said Greg. His commitment and passion for providing customers with the best possible solution landed him multiple nominations and the award for Industrial Distribution Magazine’s “Salesperson of the Year Award” in 1998.

Certified Drives Specialist Providing Honest and Expert Assistance

Customers continue to express their appreciation for the level of support and expertise Greg provides – making a lasting impact on Lakeland as a whole. In addition to providing customers with solutions, he goes on-site to troubleshoot customer concerns. “I had a customer that called me in to give a proposal on a new drive,” explained Greg. “The customer thought that they did not have enough horsepower to pull a load on a winder and wanted to upsize the drive. I looked at the parameter settings they had set in the drive and discovered they did not have the motor auto tuned to the drive or the right KW rating set-up in the algorithms.”

Greg helped the customer resolve this issue noting, “The drive ran great afterward. The owner of the company came out and told me how honest I was. He was willing to spend $12,000 on a new drive before I came out there. This interaction resulted in the owner telling his teams to purchase their drives from Lakeland. Shortly after, we worked with them on a project, supplying Yaskawa drives, control panels and motors for over $264,000.”

Finding Electrical Component Solutions with Our Suppliers

Employees often collaborate with our suppliers to ensure that the right solution is provided for the customer’s application. “I worked with a Banner rep on an application where oil cans were on a conveyor,” said Greg. “The customer needed to see a plastic token in the bottom of these moving oil cans. After many adjustments were made, the Banner rep and I provided a Banner iVu Camera solution that has been working well for three-years.” This is just one example of the solutions Greg and Lakeland suppliers provide for customers every week.

A USAF Veteran & Auto Mechanic

Greg and Wife DonnaPrior to coming onboard with Lakeland, Greg attended OU for classes in electrical mathematics and electrical circuit analysis. “I worked as an Aerospace Ground Equipment Technician in the USAF,” said Greg. “I was also working in the oil field as an electrician for a few years before starting out with Lakeland in 1995.” Greg has been applying variable frequency drives since 1985 exclaiming, “I have always enjoyed working on anything electrical!”

When Greg is not providing drive start-ups and electrical component solutions, he enjoys spending time with his wife of 42-years Donna, children and grandchildren. “Since I have an associate degree in Auto Mechanics, I like working on my antique Mustang,” said Greg in talking about his passions. “This has always been a hobby I’ve enjoyed along with working on my land in the country that has been in my wife’s family since 1871.”

Lakeland is fortunate to have a talented, dedicated individual like Greg on our team. For more information about Greg, contact him at gvincent@lakelandengineering.com.

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