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Lakeland Engineering Equipment Company has a robust team of experts who are the cornerstone of our success. One of these employees is Karla Davidson, Lakeland’s Automation Specialist and Business Development Manager and this month’s featured employee.

Karla has been with Lakeland since 2016 and plays an integral role in the business development process at Lakeland Engineering Equipment Company. As an automation specialist with a drive for continuous learning, Karla consistently brings new information and capabilities to Lakeland. Recently, Karla also received the recognition of the salesperson of the month.

Automation Allows for Continuous Learning

sme schneider electric demo

Karla has been in the automation field for 11-years. “There are endless possibilities with automation – the learning never ends,” said Karla. “Continuous innovation within the field is what drew me in and what I enjoy most about my career.”

Coming to Lakeland in 2016, Karla already had a strong understanding of Lakeland’s business, customers and a great relationship with the team. “In my previous position, I was a manufacturer’s representative and worked closely with the Lakeland team for 7-years,” said Karla. “During this time I got to know the team and their customer’s needs and how I could help – it was a natural fit from the start.”

Drive Start-Ups, Certifications and More

Karla has extensive training and certifications and regularly attends new trainings across the United States. She is a Certified Drives Specialist, trained on ABB, Schneider Electric, Yaskawa, Lenze, and IDEC drives and PLCs. Karla provides drive start-up and troubleshooting assistance to customers across Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

Over the years, Karla has assisted with countless drive start-ups on various fan, pump and conveyor applications. “I had a customer that was experiencing PLC issues with commissioning a new machine,” explained Karla when asked to share a customer success story. “We started from the beginning to first test the drives to see if they were still working. By spending the time needed to go through the troubleshooting process, we were able to identify a problem with a safety relay circuit.”

This is just one example of the many customers Karla has helped with drive start-up and troubleshooting. In addition, Karla regularly replaces drives for customers looking for more reliable and cost-effective solutions.

Work-Life Balance

Outside of work, Karla also wears many hats. As a wife and mother of three, she enjoys spending time attending all of her kids’ sporting games, is actively involved in children’s ministries at their church, and takes part in church theater – ask about her Irish accent! Karla also enjoys fishing and hunting throughout the year.

One-on-One Support

Whether you’re looking for a solution to meet the needs of a new application or looking to make your processes more efficient, Karla and the Lakeland team are here to help. To get in touch with Karla regarding your needs, email her at kdavidson@lakelandengineering.com or find your local representative by emailing sales@lakelandengineering.com.

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