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This month’s employee spotlight at Lakeland Engineering Equipment Company is Kevin Stull, President, based out of Minneapolis. Kevin has been with Lakeland for twelve years. During his time at Lakeland, Kevin has learned the ins and outs of running a business. From leading an office, to learning what goes into the hiring and firing process, Kevin manages all employees at Lakeland making sure that the company is running smoothly. He has also learned a great deal about the manufacturing world and how products are assembled and executed.


Prior to Lakeland, Kevin worked in the mortgage and banking industry. “I was introduced to Lakeland by my brother-in-law who was a customer of Lakeland,” said Kevin, when asked how he got his start within the industry. “I love viewing the manufacturing process and being able to see how people engineer the products we sell and support.”

When he started at Lakeland, Kevin was a part of the outside sales team. He then became a strategic account manager where Kevin would cover the Cedar Rapids, Iowa territory and had a focus on renewable energy customers. “I still help out with certain strategic customers at times directly. I also need to make sure that we are always heading in the right direction using the latest technology.” Kevin explains.

Now, having a leadership role as President, Kevin works in the front line with the sales team and ensures that his team is always providing excellent service to Lakeland’s customers. He also oversees all those who work in the Minneapolis building, communicating and implementing Lakeland’s overall direction.

Kevin’s favorite part of the job is being out on the road, meeting customers and traveling to conventions to try and generate new business. This has been a great challenge since COVID-19 threw a wrench in in-person conferences and people have been forced to continue these efforts virtually.

When asked what the greatest changes have been since he started at Lakeland, his response was, “One of the best things is honestly that there hasn’t been a whole lot of change, especially in the personnel.”

Advice in His Leadership Role

“There is a lot to learn in this industry and you really have to be self-motivated and committed to learning.” Kevin said when asked what advice he would give to people who are new to the field. “You have to be accountable and responsive, don’t make people wait.”

Kevin is constantly on checking his emails and texts, and answering calls to make sure he can provide assistance. He values the importance of being customer-focused because this helps in understanding customers better and align products and services to create great value.

Family Man First

While Kevin enjoys being on the road talking to customers, he is a family man first. He grew up in Maple Grove, MN before he and his wife moved to Rogers, MN. Kevin and his wife have two children, his son in high school and his daughter in middle school. When asked what his greatest memory with Lakeland has been, he told the story of how his work opportunity in the southeast boarder of Iowa, concluded with the birth of his daughter while he was in the car on the way home. “I was driving home, on the phone with my wife, while she delivered our baby in the laundry room of our home.”

Stull Family

Kevin spends his time out of the office with his family and friends and being in the outdoors. He attends his son’s hockey games and his daughter’s volleyball games Kevin also enjoys outdoor activities like golfing, fishing and hunting and spending time out on the lake with friends and family.

To get in touch with Kevin Stull, contact him at kstull@lakelandengineering.com. The Lakeland team is dedicated to serving our customers locally and in person. Find your local representative by emailing sales@lakelandengineering.com.

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