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The warehouse is an essential component to the overall success of Lakeland Engineering Equipment Company. One of the key faces behind the shipping and receiving, managing relationships with courier vendors, and day-to-day operations is Nina Ford. Nina works closely with the warehouse team to ensure customer orders are fulfilled correctly and shipped on-time.

Throughout Nina’s nearly three years with Lakeland, she has made a great impact on the efficiency of the warehouse. “Attention to detail and accuracy are very important within my role,” said Nina. On a daily basis, Nina receives components from Lakeland’s suppliers, stocks them in the appropriate areas of the warehouse, works with purchasing to ensure they’re within our system correctly, fulfills and ships orders and more.

“Currently, I’m working on inventory prep,” she said. “This includes labeling and entering the components into the system and organizing them so our process is efficient.” Nina interacts in a friendly and positive manor with courier vendors each day. When customers request will-call orders and stop into the warehouse to receive them, her positive, professional and down-to-earth energy is noticed.

A Mover & Team Player

Prior to coming onboard with Lakeland, Nina was in the banking industry for nine-years and then at another warehouse position. “I realized that I’m a mover and I enjoy being in a warehouse atmosphere,” she explained. “I can’t sit in one place, I like to be active.” Nina’s co-workers would describe her as a hard worker, dedicated and positive. Another aspect of the role Nina enjoys is working alongside her co-workers. “Jeff (Lakeland’s Warehouse Supervisor) is the best person I’ve worked with since I began working at age 12 on my paper route, and he’s a friend.”

Team is always a term used at Lakeland and the warehouse is no different. “We are such an automatic team that helps each other out when we need it and it’s a natural working environment,” Nina explained. “We have a great process, are able to work independently and enjoy working alongside one-another.”

Enjoying Cooking, Fishing and Family

“I love to cook and bake,” Nina shared. “It’s my way of being creative. I love cooking Asian and Hispanic dishes and also bake often.” Lucky for the Lakeland employees, Nina will bring in her baked goods on occasion for the team to enjoy. She watches Food Network often and enjoys shows with Guy Fieri.

Nina enjoys spending as much time with her son as possible. “I like to fish as well – off the dock or anywhere on the lakes,” said Nina. “This may not go over well,” she jokes, “But, I’m a huge Packers fan!” Nina plays an important role within the Lakeland team and is a great example of a hard-working person and team player. To learn more about Nina, contact her today at nford@lakelandengineering.com.

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