Lakeland Expands Pfannenberg Products In-Stock

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Pfannenberg thermal management, signaling and more in-stock at Lakeland, a Pfannenberg master distributor

Lakeland Engineering Equipment Company is now a Pfannenberg master distributor and will soon expand their Pfannenberg product inventory. Items in-stock will include Pfannenberg’s signaling products, thermal management products and filterfans®. As a worldwide manufacturer for over 60-years, Pfannenberg is a trusted industry leader in electrotechnology. They focus on protecting the enclosure and components but more importantly, the people within your facility.

Signaling Technologies

Pfannenberg products Signaling

Signaling equipment is a vital component to worker safety. Signaling technologies are used to communicate the event that poses a safety risk to the employees and/or equipment. Pfannenberg provides visual and audible alarms that communicate a warning of status on process monitoring, operating status, building alarms and more. Lakeland will begin stocking the following signaling products:

  • Visual signals
  • Audible alarms
  • Combined signaling
  • Signal towers and stack lights

Pfannenberg thermal managementThermal Management

Thermal management solutions are vital for protecting the components inside of your enclosure. For maximum efficiency and to eliminate downtime, the temperature inside and outside of the enclosure should be considered when selecting a thermal management solution. Many of Pfannenberg’s thermal management solutions will be in-stock at Lakeland, including cooling units, heaters, filterfans® and more. There are a number of manufacturing processes across many industries that are made possible with the help of thermal management solutions.


Filterfans® are used for forced convective cooling that circulates the air within the enclosure. These solutions can act as a less expensive thermal management solution and are ideal for non-hazardous environments with Pfannenberg Filterfansnormal ambient temperature ranges. Pfannenberg was the first global manufacturer to offer UL Listed, Type 12 Filterfans® and their product line has been trusted for over 50 years. Lakeland will begin stocking a wider variety of these solutions as well.

A strong relationship has been built over decades of Pfannenberg and Lakeland working together to best support their customers. As a result, Lakeland has become a master distributor of Pfannenberg which will allow Lakeland to enhance customer support and provide an expanded inventory of Pfannenberg products. To request a quote or discuss your project, contact your local sales rep today.

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