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thm multimark printer promotion weidmullerIs your business looking for an efficient, cost-effective way to label components, electrical equipment and safety equipment? The Weidmϋller THM MultiMark Printer is now available for $1 through December 31, 2019*. The THM MultiMark is an all-in-one solution for component labeling that saves businesses time and money with a nearly maintenance-free design.

Clearly labeling components inside and outside of your electrical enclosure is vital to overall machine and process efficiencies. The advanced hardware of the THM MultiMark allows for over 600 different marking products, all printed quickly, and labeled clearly through thermal transfer printing.

*Promotion is valid with purchase of $1800 of marking consumables. Marking consumables include terminal markers, label markers, wire markers, cable markers, device markers, etc. A full list of marking consumables can be found in the product brochure. Promotion is also valid with $4,500 worth of select products with at least $1,000 in consumables.

Benefits of the Weidmüller THM MultiMark Printer:

  •  Over 600 marking products offered
  • Fast printing, fast identification
  • Convenient handling with M-Print® PRO software
  • Clear, large print image
  • Ideal for small and medium print volumes
  • Virtually maintenance-free thanks to thermal transfer technology
  • Can be used with the equipment of many manufacturers

THM MultiMark Printer PromoWeidmϋller’s THM MultiMark printer is particularly suitable to users looking for a single printer with multiple capabilities. The THM MultiMark saves users time through easy to use software that makes labels to fit nearly any need.

For applications which require multiple labels in a tight space, the THM MultiMark continuous strip marker provides the perfect, time efficient solution. Simply upload your labels consecutively and let the THM MultiMark assemble a single, easy to apply strip, drastically reducing application time.

The THM MultiMark is designed to work with a wide range of other labeling products. Without giving up the highly professional printing of Weidmϋller’s marking system, you can use your usual components from other manufacturers, and combine them with Weidmϋller’s MultiFit markers.

THM MultiMark Printer PromoIndustry Uses:

  • Terminals
  • Wires
  • Cables or Devices
  • Panel Labeling
  • Controllers
  • Various Components

Weidmϋller THM MultiMark Specifications:

  • Width: 9.961”, Height: 12.598”, Depth: 9.961”
  • Interface: USB, LAN
  • Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • Print quality: 300 dpi
  • ROHS Approval: Conforms

Order the Printer for $1 Through December 31, 2019

Lakeland is an authorized distributor of Weidmüller, our local reps work side-by-side with their team to provide the second-to-none expertise, assistance and support that our customers have come to expect. For more information and to take advantage of this promotion, contact Lakeland today.

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