High Performance Sensors Made in America, Backed with a 5 Year Warranty

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Did you know that high performance sensors are manufactured right in your backyard? Since 1991, Automation Components, Inc. (ACI) manufactured parts have been assembled in the USA at their ISO 9001 certified facilities in Middleton, Wisconsin. ACI backs many of their products with a five-year warranty and exceptional local support.

high performance sensors

ACI’s high performance sensor offerings fall into one of the following eight categories:

  • Temperature
    • Thermistor, Platinum RTD, Nickel, Balco, Transmitter, High/Low Sensors and Transmitters, Freezer, and Hazardous.
  • Current
    • Fixed Trip Point Switches, Adjustable Trip Point Switches, Mini and Standard sizes, and Analog CTs,
  • Gas (including toxic & combustible)
    • CO and NO2, Carbon Dioxide, Toxic Gas, O2, Combustible Gas, Refrigerant, and Controllers.
  • Relative Humidity
    • Room, Duct, Outside Air, Wall Plate, Enthalpy, and Remote Probe.
  • Pressure
    • Differential for Dry Air & Inert Gas, Wet to Wet, Gage Pressure, Switches, Pitot Tubes, and Pickup Ports.
  • Wireless
    • Input Modules, Net Transceivers, Output Modules, Sensor Receivers, Sensors, and More.
  • Interface Devices
    • Signal Conditioning boards for signals including: Pneumatic, Analog, Floating Point, Pulse Width, and more.
  • Accessories
    • Power Supplies, Freeze Stats, Thermal Buffers, Light Level Sensors, and more.

ACI’s solutions are commonly used in the following applications: commercial building automation, refrigeration, data centers, health care facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturing & storage, clean rooms, and labs. Watch the video below for an overview of the ACI product line.

The Trend in Equipment Current Monitoring

One of the highly-regarded products Lakeland’s customers have seen success with are ACI’s 4-20 mA Output Analog Current Sensors, designed for use in any AC current monitoring application where you are looking to monitor a particular piece of equipment. Within this line are “Average” style and “True RMS” current sensors.

True RMS sensors are able to be used in all applications as they provide the best overall accuracy and are perfect for applications including Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), Switching Power Supplies, Computers and Data Centers, Electronic Ballasts, SCR’s, and Variable Speed Loads. The Average style current sensors should be used in applications where the Sinusoidal waveform has no distortion or noise on the conductor being monitored.

These current sensors are available in both solid and split-core versions which also includes a Patented 35 mm Din Rail mounting foot for easy installation in panel mount applications. The solid-core versions are a great choice for new installations or OEM applications in which cost sensitivity, lower trip points and environmental issues like dust and moisture may be of concern. To learn more about this product, download the specification sheet today.

aci high performance sensors

Lakeland and ACI Local Support

The Lakeland and ACI teams have worked closely together for years, finding solutions for a variety of OEM and end-user application needs. The ACI team is equipped with local representation and technical support that has helped Lakeland provide the best possible guidance and delivery to our customers. In addition to their robust offering and support, almost all ACI products ship within two business days.

To learn more about the ACI product line, visit their website at workaci.com. For application assistance or to request a quote, contact Lakeland today at sales@lakelandengineering.com.

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