Lakeland Engineering provides immediate, efficient and cost effective solutions for your temporary application or project needs. We have HiPots from High Voltage available to rent.

High Voltage PTS-80

The High Voltage PTS-80 DC HiPot Tester and Megohmmeter has an 80kV Output.  This model can be operated with a non-sine wave producing inverter power source.


  • Current measurements with resolution to 10 nanoamperes  
  • Five range current meter with a 0-1.0 μA low range for Leakage 
  • Megohm readings at any output voltage  
  • Regulated input for accurate, reliable results. 
  • Ideal for field generator use. 
  • Internal HV shorting solenoid with discharge resistor  
  • Continuous Duty Cycle Automatic transit protected meters  
  • Rugged case with cushion grip handles  
  • Glass front meters eliminate static buildup 
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High Voltage PTS-130

The High Voltage PTS-130 130kV DC Hipot and Megohmmeter is a combination high voltage DC proof tester and HV Megohmmeter.


  • Combination high voltage DC proof testers, or hipots, and high voltage megohmmeters
  • Perform Hipoting, or leakage current measurement, and insulation resistance testing can now be performed with one instrument
  • Anti-static glass front meters
  • Rugged, transit protected, field proven construction
  • Internal HV shorting solenoid with discharge resistor
  • Portable
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