IO-Link Increases Efficiency, Reduces Downtime and Enhances Analytics

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Are you looking to increase productivity and reduce costs during engineering, commissioning, and operating processes? IO-Link may be the answer. IO-Link is an intelligent, flexible and easy to use networking and communication solution that provides point-to-point connectivity between sensors and actuators to controllers. This technology is used primarily in the industrial world and is the first standardized IO technology worldwide (IEC 61131-9) for sensor and actuator communication. IO-link can be integrated into any fieldbus system, reduces costs and increases efficiency.

How does IO-Link Work?

io-link example from comtrol

*example from Comtrol

A 3-conductor cable connections establishes communication in the form of a serial protocol between the field and control level. M12 connectors are primarily used for the wiring however M5 and M8 connectors can be used as well. The communication sends process, configuration and identification data over IO-link. This also includes parameters and can help prepare for Industry 4.0 technology.

IO-Link devices are able to self-diagnose. Meaning, in the instance of a device requiring a replacement, this technology reduces commissioning time and downtime which in-turn increases productivity. Each IO-Link device has an IODD (IO Link Device Description) that contains information about the manufacturer, functionality and more. The user can then easily read and process this information.

IO-Link Masters, Sensors and More

Lakeland distributes a variety of IO-Link solutions and components from our industry-leading suppliers including those listed below.


Pepperl + Fuchs Comtrol manufactures IO-Link Gateways which support a variety of protocols, provide access and collect data. Pepperl + Fuchs Comtrol also has a family of IO-Link Blocks to connect sensors and/or actuators through IO-Link.

comtrol IO-Link master

Pepperl + Fuchs

Pepperl+Fuchs offers an end-to-end IO-Link system solution for communication at the field level or control level. This solution includes a wide range of IO-Link sensors as well as an Ethernet IO module with integrated IO-Link master.

Pepperl Fuchs IO-Link products


Lumberg LioN-Power IO-Link Master provides support for many different protocols in one compact device with customizable I/O ports between the control and sensor levels.


Weidmuller u-remote IO-Link IP20 and IP67 IO-Link Master modules feature simple, user-friendly web-based configuration and monitoring.

weidmuller io-link


The Lenze i550 inverter’s IO Link communication module can be integrated into the IO link configuration software of the PLC by means of the IODD (IO Link Device Description).

If you’re interested in learning more about IO-Link, would like to request a quote or discuss your processing system, contact Lakeland today. We have access to the expert resources your applications require.

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