Klippon® Connect Terminal Blocks

Terminal Blocks with SNAP IN Technology

The worldwide novelty from the pioneer of industrial connectivity – Klippon® Connect terminal blocks with innovative SNAP IN technology.

Time is money. For this reason, installation work in cabinet buildings must be carried out even faster, preferably automated. At the same time, the connections should be permanently reliable, safe, and easy to maintain. The new Klippon® Connect terminal blocks with Weidmüller‘s revolutionary SNAP IN technology meet all these requirements – and are extremely easy to use: stripped fine-stranded conductors just need to be inserted into the connection point, and the connection point snaps shut with a clearly audible click. The conductor is permanently and reliably contacted. To release the connection, press the green pusher. It couldn‘t be faster or easier.

  • Direct and tool-free wiring of flexible conductors without ferrules
  • Simple release of the clamping point and a guaranteed and safe connection of the conductor
  • Ready-to-robot and ready for the future as well

Quick, Simple and Safe – just SNAP IN

The terminal blocks are delivered with preloaded spring. Stripped wires can be easily and safely inserted into the clamping point without further preparation.

The conductor is contacted in the clamping point with a clear, audible “click“. The triggered clamping point is also signaled visually by a raised pusher.

By pressing the pusher, the conductor can be released quickly and easily at any time and the clamping point preloaded again.

Benefits and Features

  • Simple and tool-free wiring of flexible and fine-stranded conductors even without a ferrule
  • Safe connection confirmed by a clear “click” sound and an elevated pusher
  • Ready-to-robot: With the innovative SNAP IN connection, fully automated wiring processes become reality
  • Complete terminal assemblies can be planned digitally and ordered via the Weidmüller Configurator – including accessories.
  • Compatible with our PUSH IN terminal portfolio – same accessories can be used on either series.