Lakeland Engineering – MPLS Celebrates 70th Anniversary

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It is with great pleasure that we at Lakeland Engineering Equipment Co. of Minneapolis announce our 70th anniversary this month.

70 Years of Engineered Service to Industry

Lakeland first opened its doors in downtown Minneapolis on February 1, 1952. Since 1969, its combined office and warehouse have been located in Golden Valley, MN.

Important reasons for our success over the years have been the quality of the products and service provided by manufacturers to both us and our customers along with our concept of service.

During the past 70 years, industrial production has changed and increased tremendously. When we first opened, Engineered Research Associates was building what was called a “computer” in St. Paul. No one could have imagined how far technology would come.

The original Lakeland, Minneapolis building at the downtown location in 1952.
Lakeland-Minneapolis after remodeling the exterior with Grip Strut in 1964.
Aerial view of Lakeland – Minneapolis after moving in 1969 to Golden Valley.

We Wouldn’t Be Here Without You

Lakeland has enjoyed serving the industrial field for the past 70 years, but we could have not existed or prospered without loads of help from a lot of people. Most important among those people have been you, our customers. The world has taken quite the hit the last couple of years and we have learned to adapt and roll with the punches. We at Lakeland thank you very much for your patronage, for your fairness, for your confidence in us, and for being such good people.

We thank our suppliers, too, who have given us tremendous cooperation over the years, furnished us with good products, and helped us become successful.

Our employees also deserve a big vote of thanks for their persistence and consistent effort to do a good job.

Years To Come

We believe that we have done our best to serve you. The next years to come for Lakeland Engineering Equipment Co. are going to be even more exciting and productive. We will continue to grow in being better able to serve our customers than we are now.

Thank you for having faith in us all these years.

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