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New and Improved Cooling Units

Out with the old, and in with the new. Pfannenberg now has the largest capacity cooling unit in the market. Introducing the new DTS 34x1C and DTS 36x1C cooling units.

The DTS 34×1 and DTS 36×1 Cooling Units have been a popular choice for customers with larger enclosures that housed high value components such as large horsepower drives. After over a decade of success in the field, Pfannenberg are excited to announce their “new and improved” cooling units. The NEW DTS 34x1C (15000-21000 Btu/h) and DTS 36x1C (21000-29000 Btu/h) maintain all the features of their predecessors and offer much more…


Depending on the models, the increased capacity of the new cooling units varies between 14% and 27% percent compared to the former lines. This is the largest capacity available on the market for cooling units that are less than 24″ wide.


There is only one unit size, for two cooling capacities. The same cut-out can be used for our DTS 34x1C (new), 34×1 (old) and 36x1C (new). This makes these units ready for easy capacity upgrades or emergency switch over.


The new units are designed for robustness and feature an “open” design. This makes maintenance easier for the user with critical components easily accessible (redesign of the e-box, highly visible fault indicator).


One size – two capacities: The units are ready for potential capacity upgrade or easy unit switch out in case an of emergency. One similar cut-out can be used for all three versions: DTS 34x1C (new), 34×1 (old), and 36x1C (new). An adapter plate is also available for order to easily convert from the DTS 36×1 to DTS 36x1C, without needing a cutout change.

New Pfannenberg Cooling Units Available At Lakeland

View and shop Pfannenberg’s new cooling units on Lakeland’s shop site.

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