Lakeland’s Top Supplier Is Named 2021’s Greenest Company

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Lakeland Engineering Equipment Co. would like to express a big congratulations to one of our top suppliers, Schneider Electric.

2021 Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations

Schneider Electric, a Paris-based tech company, has surpassed their competition of the best-known green businesses and have been named the most sustainable corporation in the world. In 2020, Schneider was ranked No. 29 in the Global 100 index of sustainable businesses and they have now soared to the No. 1 spot.

Corporate Knights’ 2021 ranking is based on an assessment of 8,080 companies, which generate annual revenues of over $1 billion. Performance indicators include evaluations of how much renewable energy and waste companies generate. This proves Schneider’s success in a steady shift towards products and services that help customers manage their energy needs more efficiently and safely.

Read more about Schneider Electric being the greenest company in The Guardian article here.

Shop Schneider Electric at Lakeland

The Lakeland team are proud to work with a company who, through their amazing work in energy efficiency, do an outstanding job in fighting climate change.

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