Looking For A High-Quality Enclosure Resource?

Are you looking for a high-quality enclosure resource? Delta Fabricating designs and manufactures a wide variety of custom enclosures to protect sophisticated electrical and electronic controls. Prioritize the safety and longevity of your electrical components with Delta Fabricating’s top-tier standard and custom enclosures. Delta’s unwavering commitment? Ensuring your equipment remains shielded against the elements and operates at peak efficiency.

Unlike standard enclosures that require end users to waste time and money punching holes or cutting out other shapes, Delta’s enclosures come ready to go, while being UL 508 listed, NEMA, JIC and IPP66 rated.

Standard Enclosures

Custom Enclosures

Weldments & Frames

Delta provides junction boxes, sub-panels, and a host of UL/NEMA-style standard enclosures. Included in our offerings are everything from single and double door floor mount enclosures, push button enclosures, sub-panels for enclosures, consoles, instrument enclosures, and terminal cabinets.

Delta Fabricating designs and manufactures a variety of custom enclosures to protect sophisticated electrical and electronic controls, instruments and components from water, corrosion, dirt, dust and oil. We build our custom enclosures to fit you needs, meaning we’ll cut holes and provide customized windows, doors and hinges. We’ll also paint your enclosure any color you’d like.

Our expert team can design and build Weldments & Frames in virtually any way you can imagine. Delta specializes in building welded rooms, machine frames and skins and complete control room built to your specifications. We can use your existing design or help you craft something that suits your needs.


Why settle for average? Elevate your equipment’s defense with Delta Fabricating’s trusted enclosures.

Lakeland and Delta have over 50 years of collaboration, finding solutions for customers in a wide range of industries. If you’re an OEM customer, Lakeland will stock your Delta custom enclosures for you. Tell us about your application and we’ll work directly with you and Delta Fabricating to develop the electrical enclosure to meet your needs.

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