Macromatic Timers and Relays In-Stock at Lakeland

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Lakeland is an Authorized Distributor of Macromatic with Local Support

Lakeland Engineering Equipment Company partners with Macromatic to stock a variety of industrial relays including timers, three-phase monitoring relays, alternating relays and more. Relays provide customers a solution for controlling electrical processes and monitoring power for damaging fault conditions. These components reduce costs and downtime while enhancing the safety of personnel and equipment.

Relays and Timers In-Stock at Lakeland

Time Delay Relays / Timers – electrically control a switch with timers available in a variety of mounting configurations, functions, time setting methods and output configurations.

  • THR-3816U | 10 SPDT
  • THR-3836U | 10 SPDT
  • THR-3856U | 10 SPDT
  • TE-8816U | 15A SPDT
  • TE-8812U | 15A DPDT
time delay relay macromatic

Multi-function Time Delay Relays – offer the flexible programmability of a multi-function and multi-range time delay relay together with a universal input voltage.

  • TR-6812U |10A DPDT
  • TR-6816U | 10A SPDT
  • TR-6822U | 10A DPDT
multi function time delay relay

Three-Phase Monitor Relays – protect motors and equipment from voltage fault damage on three-phase systems.

  • PMPU | 10A SPDT
  • PMDU | 10A DPDT
three phase relays

Alternating Relays – provide equal run time for multiple loads on applications where optimization of load usage is required.

  • ARP120A3R | 10A DPDT X WIRED
  • ARP120A6R | 10A SPDT
alternating relays

Leakage Relays – monitor the shaft seals of submersible pumps and provide a warning of leaking seals.

  • SFP120A100 | 10A SPDT
  • SFP120C100 | (2) 5A SPNO
leakage relays

Relay Sockets – 8 pin and 11 pin octal sockets that are UL listed when used with Macromatic controls products.

  • 70169-D relay socket for TR-6822U TR-6816U
  • 70170-D relay socket for TR-6812U

Relay and Timer Application Assistance from Lakeland + Macromatic

Macromatic has been engineering and manufacturing state-of-the-art control and monitoring products since 1975. As a stocking distributor of Macromatic, Lakeland sales team has a strong relationship with Macromatic to provide users with the expert application assistance. From intrinsically-safe and hazardous location relays to relays for three-phase systems, Lakeland and Macromatic have the right solution to meet a wide variety of needs. To request a quote, contact us today at

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