Manufacturers’ Prices Adjust with Imposed Tariffs

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steel and aluminum tariffs

Over the last couple months, the newly imposed tariffs have impacted the manufacturing industry. Concerns have been heard from manufacturers and consumers alike as more information comes to fruition about the impact these tariffs may have. The steel and aluminum tariffs are impacting manufacturers that rely on these products for their business.

Steel and aluminum are among some of the most common materials within the electrical controls industry. Due to the imposed tariffs and continuing negotiations, prices have increased from a number of manufacturers. While some manufacturers already have a system in place to adjust to these tariffs with price fluctuations or other internal methods, a number of manufacturers are still planning their response.

As manufacturers realize the type of impact these tariffs, price fluctuations are expected to continue. To fulfill our commitment to our customers, Lakeland Engineering is continuing to monitor the situation and will provide information that may impact our customers.

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