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New Megger Tester is Available to Ship!

Lakeland Engineering Equipment Co. recently welcomed Megger test equipment to our product offerings. Megger’s latest low resistance ohmmeter, the Megger DLRO2 DucterTM is a 2 Amp hand-held instrument, now in-stock at Lakeland. This Megger tester is designed to provide fast, accurate, repeatable measurements, even in electrically noisy locations. The Megger Ducter™ brand of testers are as well-known and relied upon as Megger insulation resistance testers.

The Megger DLRO2 has a number of new innovations, including: 

  • New “difference meter” for quick data comparisons
  • Long test lead mode optimizes the DLRO2 to work with very long test leads, perfect for wind turbine testing and various aerospace applications
  • Inductive test mode with an automatic stop when the inductance is fully charged
  • Ability to compare three measurements on the display at one time, extremely convenient when working with three-phase equipment

Maximize Safety, Minimize Downtime for a Variety of Applications

For the utility or industrial user, the Megger DLRO2 provides a high level of safety with a CATIII 600 V/CATIV 300 V rating to IEC61010. In addition, the instrument can protect itself from inadvertent connections to up to 600 V without blowing a fuse, thereby avoiding essential time lost due to repairs or finding a replacement fuse. When working outside, the IP54 rating ensures that neither rain nor dust will prevent testing. Note: This product should not be used in explosive gas environments.

The DLRO2 measures low resistance values across a wide range of applications, from railways and aircraft to the resistance of industry components. Applications requiring long test leads are not a problem for the DLRO2 as it has a dedicated long lead test to optimize the output. The long test lead function is able to provide up to 1 A of test current into 4 ohms resistance. This makes the DLRO2, with its optional cable reel test leads, ideal for testing wind turbine and avionic lightning protection applications. To allow testing of smaller inductive loads, the DLRO2 can apply 2 A for at least 15 seconds, made possible by the high-capacity built-in rechargeable batteries, together with a separate inductive load function. The batteries can be fully recharged in 2.5 hours, minimizing down time.

Need a Megger Soon? Lakeland has Stock 

The Megger DLRO2 is available to purchase online – click here. Please note, you must register to see stock and complete your checkout. If you’re not sure if this tester will meet your needs or if you have any additional questions, contact one of our team members today at

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