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Greater Efficiency for Motors

Offer an efficient motor control solution to ensure the continuity of industrial operations. Schneider Electric’s range of innovative products and expert know-how ensure peace of mind for you and greater choice for your customers.

Select your Motor Control Solution

A complete range to provide the relevant functions for your Motor Control Management.

Altivar ATV320  Variable Speed Drives

Altivar Machine ATV320 variable speed drive is designed for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) that meets simple and advanced application requirements.

Altivar ATV212  Variable Speed Drives

Altivar ATV212 variable speed drive is built for performance, intelligence and building protection.

TeSys GV5, GV6 Circuit Breakers

TeSys GV5 & GV6 range of motor circuit breakers are designed for protecting motors from over-load, short circuit faults, phase unbalance or phase-loss.

TeSys Deca Contactors

The new TeSys Deca contactors, previously TeSys D, with the TeSys GV2 and GV3 manual motor controllers, and the TeSys LRD overload relays offers a host of new features. They are available from 9 A to 150 A.


Choose the best solution for your motor application with Schneider Electric

Well-designed motor control is key for your equipment’s efficiency. How do you configure the right solution for your application? Try EcoStruxure™ Motor Control Configurator from Schneider Electric

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