MotoWeigh: In-Motion Weighing Equipment

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The MotoWeigh In-Motion Checkweigher and Conveyor Systems can help automate and streamline processes no matter the application. MotoWeigh components and accessories include diverter systems, weigh price labeling and easy-to-clean conveyors, so you can do business your way.

MotoWeigh helps producers meet target weights, profit margins and high customer satisfaction goals with accessories like bar code readers and metal detection systems. These are just a few of the MotoWeigh options helping you deliver high-quality products every time.

Rice Lake Weighing Systems will help design a MotoWeigh system to meet all of your application needs, no matter the production environment. The MotoWeigh’s highly-customizable design means you get exactly the system you need.

Base components, made to order:


For individual products, get quick, in-motion verification of target weight ranges. Create up to four lanes of operation customized with barcode verification or reject systems. For product up to 200 pounds, non-Legal for Trade systems are available with resolution as precise as one gram, at speeds up to 80 units per minute.

Conveyor Scale

For individual product labeling or weight-data capture, conveyor scales are designed to send weight data to peripheral devices like PCs, printers and weigh price labelers. MotoWeigh conveyor scales offer Legal for Trade accuracy at up to 60 units per minute and 2000 divisions.


Straight or curved and easily customized to any configuration, MotoWeigh conveyors are preferred for their straightforward bolt-together design and a special feature that allows for cleaning even while in motion.

Rice Lake Weighing Visits Lakeland

Rice Lake Weighing visited Lakeland with their demo van so our sales team could get hands-on knowledge. The advantages of MotoWeigh are as limitless as your business’s potential. Contact us for more information about what MotoWeigh can do for you.

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