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SineWave Nexus

SineWave Nexus is an integrated solution for both differential and common mode filtering. Sinewave Nexus filters virtually eliminates common mode voltage which causes motor bearing failures. By filtering out the damaging common mode voltage, motor bearings are never subject to those harmful voltages that cause pitting, frosting, or fluting damage that leads to failure.

Increase motor life by reducing high frequencies and peak voltages caused by VFD output which result in excessive motor heating and motor insulation stress.

Eliminate common mode voltages that cause pitting to motor bearings and premature motor insulation failure leading to unexpected downtime.

Save time and money associated with sourcing and installing multiple solutions as the all-in-one design combines the performance of a sinewave filter and isolation transformer into one compact solution. The SineWave Nexus also eliminates the need for costly VFD cables.

The optimal solution for reducing common mode and differential mode voltages and currents.

  • Increases motor life
  • Eliminates motor failures due to bearing currents
  • Reduces motor noise and heating
  • Small package solution
  • Three-year warranty

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