Navigating the 2017 SCCR Code Changes with Eaton/Bussmann

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Lakeland Engineering Equipment Co. is committed to providing our customers with information to ensure safety and compliance. Lakeland has partnered with Eaton/Bussmann to help our customers navigate the 2017 NEC® short-circuit current and Short-Circuit Current Ratings (SCCR) needs and challenges. SCCR is a safety rating that occurs under fault-current conditions and must be followed to ensure safety and compliance with safety standards.

Why Does SCCR Matter?

Equipment cannot be located in the electrical system where the short-circuit current is greater than what the equipment can manage. If equipment is located or installed where its SCCR is less than the available short-circuit current, it creates safety hazards. These hazards can include fire, shock, and shrapnel.

short-circuit current rating 1

Short-circuit current rating

Eaton/Bussman’s Short-Circuit Current Rating Guide

short-circuit current rating codes

Eaton offers a comprehensive portfolio of BussmannTM series circuit protection solutions to help meet short-circuit current rating requirements. They have created an in-depth guide to help you “decode the Code.” This guide covers the most significant and updates in the 2017 NEC® and provides:

  • An explanation of its significance
  • Related NEC sections
  • What to look for to determine code compliance
  • A detailed explanation of agency standards or equipment markings that impact SCCR

Download this informative document today to learn more. To get in touch with a Lakeland Sales Representative for an Eaton/Bussmann safety-compliant product, contact us today.


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