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Lakeland Engineering Equipment Company is committed to keeping our customers up to date on the latest safety and compliance information. The NFPA 70, or National Electrical Code (NEC), implemented a new code that specifically affects the industrial industry. The NEC Code 670.6 states that “industrial machinery with safety interlock circuits shall have surge protection installed.”

You may not know that many electrical devices require NEC Class 2 power supply. This is to limit amperage and prevent shock and fire hazards. PULS offers options where several individual NEC Class 2 power supplies can be replaced by one large and more cost-effective power supply.

Protect Against Overload, Hazardous Situations & More


The PISA modules can be supplied by power supplies of any power class. During the event of an overload or system failure, the maximum current is limited for a specific time, then all four outputs on the PISA module shutdown. The internal protection mechanism in the PISA modules protects against hazardous situations that can arise even in the event of a single fault or an equipment defect.


The DIMENSION C series power supplies combine the highest efficiency, breakthrough space-saving design and a long product lifetime. The result are AC/DC and DC/DC converters with the lowest cost of ownership to the customer. DIN rail power supplies of the C series are perfectly suited for a wide range of international applications and come with a variety of output voltage options, connector types and special features.



The MiniLine family covers DIN rail power supplies for low and medium power range from 15W to 100W. The units, in their rugged plastic housing are highly efficient, compact, reliable and can be installed in seconds. MiniLine users are convinced by an excellent cost-benefit ratio and a high power density. So a 30W device requires a space of only 22.5mm on the DIN rail.


The compact PIANO Mini (PIM) power supplies are available with 36W60W, or 90W. These power supplies create more space in your systems or machines and allow flexible planning. Furthermore, you can choose between push-in and screw terminals for the PIM60 (60W) and PIM90 (90W).


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