New Product: Crouzet Universal Digital Timer

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Crouzet recently released the new Syr-Line Universal Digital Timer that is simple to use and program, precise, flexible and offers all of the functions needed for your application. The high-contrast LED screen allows users to monitor the status of the timer, see the current time, the function and timing configurations, as well as if you are receiving an input signal or if the relay output is activated.

Benefits of the Universal Digital Timer

With a wide time range, universal mounting connection and the ability to accept universal voltage input, the Universal Digital Timer is universally flexible. The Syr-Line Universal Digital Timer removes the guesswork out of manual timer adjustments. It requires no special tools to set the exact timing your application requires in a matter of seconds. It can be programmed from 0.1 second to a 100-day delay and be used with any power supply available, since it works with voltages from 12 to 240V either DC or AC.

crouzet digital timer

Universal Functionality and Applications

The Universal Digital Timer offers any functionality needed, from the classics like on-delay «A» or off-delay «C», to special ones like repeat cycle «L». Functionalities can be adapted with up to 138 real operating functions in this single product.

There are options to set limits via limiting user access by setting a password and defining user rights (full access, change time only, view only) or via defining time limit setting by allowing users to change time only between lower and upper limits.

Crouzet syr-line timer_digital timer

As a universal timer, this product is great for a variety of applications, including:

  • Heating and cooling in building equipment
  • Motor or pump control
  • Industrial processes and lighting systems applications
  • And more

For more information on the new product, specifications and technical documentation, visit the Crouzet website.

Application Assistance and Availability

Lakeland Engineering Equipment Co. is an authorized distributor of the Crouzet product line. Our staff is highly trained and eager to help you find the right solutions for your application. If we find that the Universal Digital Timer does not fit your application’s specific needs, one option Crouzet’s design lab offers is to develop and co-design your own timer. For questions or more information, contact the Lakeland team today. We’re happy to assist via chat, phone or videoconference.

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