New Supplier Autonics Specializes in Sensors and Controllers

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Lakeland continues to expand our electrical component product offerings to ensure we are providing the best possible products, resources and service to our customers. We’re pleased to welcome Autonics, an automation manufacturer, to our product line. When it comes to sensors and controllers, Autonics knows that quality and reliability are key. Their products are precision designed in Korea to meet the strict standards for automation. With a diverse product line including temperature controllers, photoelectric sensors, vision sensors, and stepper motors, Autonics has competitively priced options for any application. They also back their products with a three year warranty and provide convenient USA-based technical support.

Autonics products can be seen today in numerous industries, including:

  • Packaging
    • Autonics offers a variety of solutions for the Packaging industry. Some applications their products have had success with include potato chip manufacturing, fabric rolling, printing machines, transfer of packaged goods, box labeling and more.
  • Food and Beverage
    • With a diverse range of corrosion-resistant, durable products that can be applied during food and beverage manufacturing, Autonics is a good fit for this industry. They have seen success in everything from conveyors to storage and frying machines.
  • Logistics
    • Help improve the speed, accuracy, safety, efficiency and productivity of your logistics operations. Autonics’ products can be seen on logistics applications including warehouses, toll gates and more.
  • Machine Makers/OEM
    • With a wide-variety of precise and durable components, Autonics has the solutions needed for OEM applications. Lakeland and Autonics work together to provide application assistance that will meet your needs.

Get to Know the Autonics Products  

Focusing on sensors and controllers, Autonics products are trusted and adopted by engineers in various industrial applications and their technology is widely applied in day-to-day automation devices. Get familiar with Autonics by taking a look at the featured products below.

Photoelectric Sensors – BRQ Series

BRQ Series

Temperature Controllers – TX Series

TX Series

Vision Sensors – VG Series 

VG Sensor

Do you need a Sensor or Controller for your Application?

If any of these products have piqued your interest, please contact us or get in-touch with your local rep for more information. Lakeland and Autonics have a great working relationship and are happy to provide application assistance for projects big and small!

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