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Introducing Pepperl+Fuchs new generation of photoelectric sensors combined with the latest measuring methods.

The R2000 Series 2D Laser Scanner

R2000 series distance sensors allow precise object detection under versatile object and ambient conditions. Two versions are available for a variety of applications:

  • The R2000 UHD is suitable for complex measuring tasks and navigation.
  • The R2000 Detection is an easy-to-use laser scanner for demanding field monitoring applications.

Aside from its small light spot for the detection of small objects, the scanners deliver a 360° field of view. They surprise with a compact sensor design for easy integration into applications.

R2000 series 2D laser scanner (2-D LiDAR sensor)—benefits at a glance

  • Innovative Pulse Ranging Technology for high precision and reliability
  • Sharp, pinpoint light spot allows detection of small objects, reflectors, or edges
  • 360° measurement for all-round visibility
  • Compact design for simple mechanical integration
  • Interactive, wrap-around LED display provides easy-to-see status information

R2000 Detection highlights

  • A stable, wobble-free scanning axis guarantees precise monitoring of the scan surface.
  • Highest angular resolution of any digital I/O scanner on the market – 0.071° – ensures detection of extremely small objects.
  • Simple handling – 4 configurable detection fields easily link to the digital outputs.

R2000 UHD highlights

  • Suitable for high-speed applications due to a rapid scan rate of 50 Hz.
  • Best angular resolution on the market of 0.014° ensures extremely accurate detection.

The R2300 3-D LiDAR Sensor

The new R2300 3-D LiDAR sensor is equipped with Pulse Ranging Technology (PRT), which provides reliable and extremely precise measurements with high accuracy and short response times. PRT continuously measures a target’s distance by using the speed of light as a constant while sending out extremely short but very powerful pulses of light and calculating the duration between the time a pulse is sent and the time it is received.

Mechanical separation between the emitting and receiving areas means exceptionally high pollution tolerance. With 1000 points per scan line and a scan rate of 50 kHz, the 3-D LiDAR sensor masters a wide range of industrial automation applications.

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