Pfannenberg Air/Water Heat Exchanger Provides Cooling for Harsh Environments

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Contaminant Free Cooling without Heat Particularly for High Temp or Oily Atmospheres  

Is your enclosure in a high-temperature, oily or aggressive atmosphere? System integrators, commercial bakeries, machine builders, meat processing plants and OEMs from a variety of industries have seen success with the Pfannenberg Air/Water Heat Exchanger.

pfannenberg air/water heat exchangerThe use of Pfannenberg’s Air/Water Heat Exchanger is particularly suitable where ambient temperatures are high or the atmosphere proves to be particularly oily or aggressive including washdown areas of the plant or areas with high amounts of particulate. This cooling solution is ideal wherever machines or production processes are cooled by tempered water and water is thus already provided.

Cooling your electrical components inside of your electrical enclosure is vital to overall machine and process efficiencies. The sealed cabinet on the Pfannenberg Air/Water Exchanger provides contaminant-free component cooling without adding heat to the local environment.

Benefits of the Pfannenberg Air/Water Exchanger:

  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Extremely low noise emission
  • Energy efficient using water source to remove heat from the enclosure
  • Adapts to extreme conditions where ambient temps are high
  • High cooling capacities from 2,218 BTU (650 W) to 34,121 BTU (10,000 W)
  • Easy to service

For applications which require local enclosure cooling using a remotely located source of refrigeration, PWS Series Air/Water Heat Exchangers provide the perfect, energy efficient solution. As noted, many industries have seen success by adding this component to cool their enclosure.

pfannenberg cooling electrical enclosuresIndustry Case Studies with Pfannenberg Air/Water Heat Exchangers:

Pfannenberg Air/Water Heat Exchangers Specifications:

  • UL  Listed, category ACVS, UL file #SA10300, CE approved for European use
  • Maintains a UL Tested NEMA Type 12/3R/4 seal against enclosure (NEMA Type 4X with stainless option)
  • Easy to mount seal, no elaborate reworking of the mounting cut-out
  • Integrated thermostat and solenoid valve for temperature control
  • Integrated temperature monitoring with alarm contact
  • Casing available with powder coat (RAL 7035) or stainless steel (with #3 polish)

Application Assistance with Your Authorized Distributor

Lakeland is an authorized distributor of Pfannenberg, our local reps work hand-in-hand with their team to provide the expert application assistance and support our customers deserve. For more information about this solution or other Pfannenberg electrical enclosure solutions, contact Lakeland today.


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