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From audible and visual devices to a combination of both, safety is not one size fits all. Horns and strobes are necessary in order to alert workers to machine failure, gas accumulation and other hazards, but they are only effective if they are bright enough to be seen and loud enough to be heard. This is the reason it’s vital to know the ambient and maximum sound level to determine which decibel level is needed for each area in your facility.

Signaling devices need to be properly sized for the type of event that it is meant to communicate in order to protect your employees. Pfannenberg’s spatial dimension, part of their 3-Dimensional signaling concept, sets them apart from other manufacturers. Pfannenberg audible and visual signaling devices can cover a larger area per device, allowing for significant cost savings in total cost of ownership to the end-user.

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To enhance the safety of your employees and facility, here are a few questions to consider when selecting a signaling device. 

  • What must you accomplish with the signal? An alarm? An evacuation notice?
  • What potential hazards prompt you to install the signaling device?
  • How loud is the ambient noise in the intended work environment?
  • Within what area around a machine will people be able to hear an alarm or see a strobe?
  • How far does sound travel in the intended space?
  • What personnel are in the room and where are they located vis a vis the alarm or strobe?

Master Distributor of Pfannenberg – Signaling Products In-Stock

Lakeland is a Master Distributor of Pfannenberg, stocking their product line and having the knowledge and training to ensure you’re selecting the products that enhance the safety of your employees and meet your budget. Two product lines we’ve seen great success with are the PYRA® and PATROL® signaling lines.

PYRA signaling equipment


Horns and sirens, also known as “sounders”, are tone generators that output an audible signal when a voltage is applied to their input power terminals. Sounders are widely used for generating evacuation alarms in the event of fire, toxic gas leak, or chemical spill. Other applications for sounders include machinery start-up alarms, back-up warning systems, process upset signals, heavy equipment movement, moving roof systems, crane movement, and movement of doors, gates, and barriers. Features of Pfannenberg PATROL sounders include: 

  • 100dB – 120 dB
  • 80 pre-programmed tones
  • 4 different events
  • Ratings for harsh environments
  • 10 year warranty


Flashing beacons offer the highest degree of signaling effect and are widely used for evacuation alarms for fires, toxic gas leaks, and chemical spills; as well as for warning of moving machinery and structures such as lifting equipment, service vehicles, safety barriers, gates, and doors. No matter which status you want to display on your machine, in your plant or in a certain area – the PYRA® series offers you a wide range of possibilities, including:

  • Flashing strobe lights
  • Single LED light
  • Custom LED light in RGB Colors
  • LED traffic lights
  • Color changing LED
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