PULS DIN-Rail Power Supplies Offer Maximum Efficiency and a “Cool Design”

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Highest Efficiency Rating of 95.6% with a Convection Cooled Design

The efficiency of power supplies determines their reliability and lifetime. PULS has the highest efficiency among DIN-Rail power supplies with a 95.6% efficiency rating. Their strong focus on industry leading efficiencies increase reliability and lifespan and decrease total cost of ownership.

DIN-Rail Power Supplies All details within the design of PULS power supplies are optimized to achieve max efficiency, including:

  • Clear Commitment to High Efficiencies
  • Choosing the Right Power Supply Design Architecture for the Power Class and Input Voltage
  • Research and Development of New Technologies
  • Use of the Newest Semiconductor Technologies
  • Innovative Thermal Design and Construction
  • Thermal Simulation Software
  • Create Clear Unobstructed Air Flow Channels for Cooling

PULS DIN-Rail Power Supplies Offer a “Cool Design

PULS DIN-Rail Power Supplies

Another area that sets PULS apart from their competitors is their “cool design.” Heat is one of the biggest factors to decreasing efficiency of a power supply. Without additional ventilation, it is difficult to dissipate heat from the unit. Heating is the effect of power losses within the power supply in combination with the temperature of its surroundings. The higher the efficiency, the lower the power losses.

PULS visually demonstrates that their “cool design” is also able to work to its full potential when it is under load with a test called thermography. This technology is particularly useful with convection-based power supplies – the type of power supplies that are developed by PULS. Convection cooling involves a flow of warm air being transferred outside. The effect of a functioning air flow can be recorded by thermography. An example of this imagery test is shown to the right.

Increase Reliability & Reduce Panel Space and Costs

PULS compared their CP20 Series DIN-Rail power supply with other suppliers on the market. To see how their efficiency ratings and overall features matched-up to the competition, download the product sheet. Overall, PULS concluded that users are able to save ample panel space, increase reliability, maximize lifespan and reduce costs.

Lakeland and PULS are committed to providing customers with the best possible solution for their application and goals. If you are interested in seeing a product sample, learning more about the PULS power supply offerings, or discussing your application needs, contact your local Lakeland rep for expert support.


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