PULS Introduces Low-Cost Power Supply Line

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PULS recently introduced the PIANO series low-cost power supply line for the industrial market. The PIANO series consists of high-quality DIN-rail power supplies that cost 20 to 40% less than previous models, but still provide the same reliability and long service lifetime you’ve come to expect from PULS.

Cost-optimized 24V, 10A power supply with high-end performance

A new 24V, 10A DIN rail power supply (PIC240.241D) with 100-240V wide range input anchors the PIANO series of products. The power supply is best-in-class in all essential characteristics. The above-average efficiency of 95.2% and lifetime of 74,000 hours are unique in this price range. PULS low-cost power supply

The low power losses enable new, cost-saving design principles without compromising quality or reliability. This device operates with a slim single-board design which is easy to manufacture and the housing is made of high quality polycarbonate. The integrated DC-OK signal makes the unit suitable for many industry applications, such as process, automation and many other critical applications where preventive function monitoring can help to avoid long down times.

The PIANO series units are extraordinarily compact, industrial grade power supplies that focus on the essential features required in today’s industrial applications. [Learn More]

Cost-effective diode redundancy module – supplementary units

The new, cost-effective diode redundancy module (PIRD20.241) is the perfect supplementary unit for PIANO series power supplies.

Low-cost power supplyThe module allows users to build reliable 1+1 or N+ 1 system and ensure their operational reliability.  It is equipped with two input channels, which can be connected to power supplies with up to 10A output current and one output, which can carry nominal currents up to 20A. The module is suitable for power supplies with constant current overload behavior as well as any kind of “hiccup” overload behavior.

It is the perfect solution to use in a redundant system, if the power supply itself is equipped with a DC-OK signal.  Another application for this redundancy module is to separate sensitive loads from non-sensitive loads. This avoids the distortion of the power quality for the sensitive loads which can cause controller failures.

The module is designed for installation in an enclosure and is suitable for applications in an industrial environment as well as in residential, commercial and light industry environments. [Learn More]


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