Introducing Pyromation’s Multi-Point Temperature Sensor

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Multi-Point Temperature Sensors

A single Pyromation multi-point sensor provides optimum process control by measuring temperature profiles throughout a manufacturing process with just one connection.

In its simplest form, a multi-point temperature sensor consists of a number of RTDs or thermocouples encased at various points inside a sleeve, sheath, jacket or tube with a single access point at a junction enclosure. Multi-point sensors can be various lengths, sizes in diameter, made of a variety of materials, and constructed to measure a wide range of temperatures.

Economical and efficient, the Pyromation multi-point sensors monitor up to 16 temperature points over large areas, identify temperature gradients, and detect hot spots. Thermocouple or RTD configurations.


Multi-point temperature sensors are utilized in many industries including but not limited to:

• chemical
• petrochemical
• dairy
• power generation
• heat treating

• oil and gas
• food and beverage
• pharmaceutical
• water and wastewater

Data Sheet

For the Multi-Point Temperature Sensors Data Sheets or to download the Brochure, please click the links below:


Pyromation produces a variety of temperature sensors and assemblies in both standard and custom designs. Lakeland is here to help you to find the best solution for your application. Get in contact with out sales team at or call us at 855-544-0321.

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