Reducing TCO by Managing Process Heat

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Pfannenberg prides itself on developing and producing thermal management products. These products are designed to increase uptime, save energy and reduce the total cost of ownership.  Products manufactured by Pfannenberg include: filter fans, heaters, industrial air conditioners, air to air heat exchangers, air to water heat exchangers, packaged chillers, and signaling devices. As a Pfannenberg distributor, Lakeland has access to Pfannenberg’s full range of thermal management products for all types of industries.

Properly selected thermal management systems are important to guarantee the longevity of critical electronics. Cooling solutions like air to water heat exchangers or chillers are especially well adapted to hot, dirty environments. This provides a method of removing the heat from the machine and not contributing additional heat back into the environment. thermal management products  Standard options such as stainless steel materials, NEMA 4/4X enclosures, and wash-down duty construction allow these time-tested products to be seamlessly incorporated into even the most demanding applications.  Lakeland will work with you to develop an application-specific solution using the best Pfannenberg thermal management products and practices available to meet process requirements.

 Filter Fans

thermal management solutionFilter fans generally meet the typical heat removal and cooling needs for electrical equipment and electrical applications. Pfannenberg’s line of high performance Filterfans® are designed to cool and circulate the air inside enclosures. Optimized fins and rotor blades reach a high airflow and fan units contain 11 field-proven patented features. Installation is easy with the 4 corner fastening system and the fans flat profile complements modern equipment.


How do I know if a fan unit is the right product for my application?
  • Will installation be in a clean, non-hazardous environment?
  • Do you have a forced air cooling system with outside air intake?
  • Is there an ambient temperature range outside the enclosure?

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Air/Air heat exchangers

 Air/Air Heat Exchangers are an ideal solution for application areas with contaminated air and can be the most efficient method of cooling. Pfannenberg’s air/air heat exchangers feature a dual air circuit design that offers complete separation of internal and external air sources. Simple tool free installation, maintenance friendly access and long fan life expectancy make Pfannenberg’s air/air exchangers an ideal solution for cooling enclosures in harsh environments.

How do I know if an air/air heat exchanger is the right product for my application?
  • Is the temperature inside my enclosure higher than the ambient temperature?
  • Do you need a separation of the internal and external air?
  • Does harmful gas, dust or fluid threaten damage to integrated components?
  • Is your process performed in a harsh industrial environment?

Thermal Energy Cooling units

Pfannenberg cooling units operate on the principle of the Carnot cycle. This means that the cooling unit functions as a heat pump that “pumps” the thermal energy transferred from the electronic cabinet (heat dissipated from the components) up to a higher level of temperature (the ambient temperature can reach levels as high as + 55 °C). The air inside the enclosure is cooled down by the evaporator and at the same time dehumidified. Cooling unit models come in a broad range of NEMA ratings for outdoor use, indoor use and stainless steel for wash-down applications.

How do I know if a cooling unit is the right product for my application?
  • Is the ambient temperature greater than the internal temperature of the enclosure?
  • Is a NEMA type 12 to 4x rating required to maintain the NEMA rating of the cabinet?

Air/water heat exchangers

Pfannenberg Air/Water Heat Exchangers are particularly suitable in situations where ambient temperatures are high or the atmosphere proves to be particularly oily or aggressive. Ideal areas of use for air/water heat exchangers are wherever machines or production processes are cooled by tempered water from a supplied water source. Pfannenberg Air to Water Heat Exchangers use the supplied water source to remove the heat from the electrical cabinet. The heat from the enclosure is transferred to the water source and the heated fluid is then piped away adding no heat to the ambient environment. Because there is no heat transfer to the ambient environment, there is no need to de-rate the units performance in high ambient conditions. The air/water heat exchangers offer cooling capacities ranging from 2,218 BTU to 34,121 BTU’s and are specifically engineered to allow safe and efficient use of liquid coolant to cool enclosure electronics.

How do I know if an Air to Water Heat Exchanger is the right product for my application?
  • Do you have very high ambient temperatures?
  • Is a chilled water supply readily available at the enclosure?
  • Is the environment extremely dirty or caustic?


 Pfannenberg offers a versatile range of packaged chillers, ranging in sizes from less than ½ Ton to 30 Tons insuring the proper capacity is available for most applications. These packaged chillers are ready to use requiring only piping and power to install as part of your solution for process cooling applications. Each chiller model includes the pump, tank, refrigeration system and controls required for simple installation and reliable, efficient operation. All chillers are shipped as factory packaged systems requiring only field power and piping to provide recirculated chilled coolant to virtually any process.

How do I know if a Chiller is the right product for my application?
  • Do you need to manage high heat loads that exceed traditional enclosure cooling methods?
  • Is precise temperature control a manufacturing requirement?
  • Do you need to manage large fluctuations in heat loads?
  • Does the cooling source need to be located away from harsh environments?

Lakeland’s expertise with Pfannenberg’s thermal management products can provide a wide range of cost effective and energy efficient thermal solutions that will meet your most demanding process requirements.

How can I lower my total cost of ownership?

  • The most common place for Pfannenberg to start is to visit your facility and perform a plant survey.
  • Contact us to schedule a Pfannenberg plant survey

To discuss which Pfannenberg thermal management products are best for you, contact an experienced Lakeland Sales Representative today!

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