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Rent the High-Voltage Test Equipment

High-voltage test equipment, exemplified by devices like the hipot tester, plays a critical role in ensuring the safety and reliability of electrical systems and components. The hipot tester, short for high-potential tester, is designed to apply a high voltage to a component or system to assess its insulation integrity and ability to withstand voltage stress. These testers help identify potential weaknesses or defects that could lead to electrical breakdown or hazards.

Typically used in industries like manufacturing, utilities, and telecommunications, hipot testers adhere to stringent safety standards to protect both operators and equipment under test. With their ability to detect insulation faults and ensure compliance with industry regulations, high-voltage test equipment like the hipot tester is indispensable in maintaining the integrity and safety of electrical infrastructure.

Hipot PTS-80

The High Voltage PTS-80 DC HiPot Tester and Megohmmeter has an 80kV Output.  This model can be operated with a non-sine wave-producing inverter power source.


  • Current measurements with resolution to 10 nanoamperes  
  • Five-range current meter with a 0-1.0 μA low range for Leakage 
  • Megohm readings at any output voltage  
  • Regulated input for accurate, reliable results. 
  • Ideal for field generator use. 
  • Internal HV shorting solenoid with discharge resistor  
  • Continuous Duty Cycle Automatic transit-protected meters  
  • Rugged case with cushion grip handles  
  • Glass front meters eliminate static buildup 

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