Rent Keysight’s Data Acquisition System at Lakeland

Sample More Signals, Faster and Dynamically

Data Acquisition System with built-in 6 ½ digit DMM and autocalibration feature that compensates for internal drifts caused by time and temperature change. It comes with built-in USB, LAN and GPIB interface.

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Key Features
• 3-slot mainframes with built-in 6 ½ digit DMM
• Basic 0.003% DCV accuracy
• 9 switch, RF and control plug-in modules, including a new 4-channel simultaneous
sampling digitizer
• Up to 450 channel/s scan rate
• Up to 120 channels per system
• Up to one million points scanning memory
• Measures and converts 14 different input signals: Temperature with thermocouple, RTDs and thermistor; dc/ac volts; 2- and 4-wire resistance; frequency and period; dc/ac current and capacitance; direct strain and bridge strain
• Large 4.3” color display for ease of setup and viewing data
• LAN and USB for easy connectivity to your PC (DAQ973A comes with additional GPIB)
• Code compatible with the 34970A/34972A
• USB flash drive support to copy/log data in standalone applications
• BenchVue DAQ with enhanced time/frequency domain measurement included

Comes with:
DAQ973A – Data Acquisition System w/ USB,LAN & GPIB
5185-1605 – Cal certificate
8120-4420 – Power Cord Cable Assembly
34970-61606 – J-TYPE TC & screwdriver
8121-1074 – Cable Assembly USB A-B Connector 4-conductor 2m-LG PVC Black
5971-6991 – Supplemental Docs
DAQM901A: Qty 2 20 channel multiplexer (2/4-wire) module.

thermocouple wire.

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