RFID, Inc. Brings Higher Quality and More Variety at a Competitive Price

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RFIDLakeland announces new supplier, RFID, Inc. – specializing in RFID and manufacturing RFID tags, readers and hardware


Lakeland is pleased to announce a new industry-leading supplier – RFID, Inc. This addition to Lakeland’s robust supplier selection supports our continued commitment of bringing new solutions and innovative product lines to our customers.

RFID Tags are applied to practically every product manufactured today, from apparel to furniture to medical goods, appliances and cars. RFID is an integral part of any automated manufacturing system. The RFID, Inc. hardware solutions are typically priced below competing manufacturers, offer higher quality, a more expansive product selection and better customer service. RFID, Inc. manufactures four RFID frequency product lines covering read ranges of 1mm to 2,000 feet to serve a variety of needs. Their product offering consists of tags, antennas, readers, interfaces and more. RFID tags come in a variety of materials, including ABS plastic, fiberglass, and PVC laminate. They are successful in many different industries, including:

  • Industrial identification
  • Factory floor / process goods
  • Temperature sensing
  • OEM & Custom development
  • Consumables
  • And More

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RFID, Inc. has supplied Lakeland with the UHF Mid Range Reader Starter’s Kit Demo. This kit includes a plug and play UHF RFID Reader with Ethernet IP. All of RFID, Inc.’s readers have USB and Serial connections available. The Read Range is adjustable from maximum to minimum gain.

UHF Mid Range RFID ReaderOne of the greatest advantages of the UHF Mid Range RFID Readers is the easy plug and play into PLC industrial programs. They also offer a wide-selection of Reader/Antenna configurations and the most available tag assortment on the market. Included within the demo kit is a:

  • Model S4 Reader, RS232/USB
  • Model A99C 9” square 9dBi Antenna
  • Dozens of Tag Samples in Metal Box
  • AC adaptable 24vdc Power Supply
  • 10’ Antenna Cable, USB Cable, RS232 Cable
  • CD ROM w/demonstration software programs and documentation

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About RFID, Inc.

RFID, Inc. is an engineering firm that specializes in RFID and manufacturing RFID Readers, Tags and Hardware. They are American owned and operated with 99% of their products made with pride in the USA. Since their inception in 1984, RFID, Inc. supported every product they’ve ever released.  To learn more about the types of products RFID carries and applications they support, visit their website. For application assistance, local support or to request a quote, contact Lakeland Engineering Equipment Company.

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