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What is a load cell?

The load cell is the most important component of a digital scale system. All digital scales rely on load cells and without it, a scale can’t measure weight.

The load cell is the heart of every scale system.

How do load cells work?

Load cells contain a strain gauge. A strain gauge measures electrical currents and resistance when weight is applied to it. When weight is applied to a scale, the load cell will start to slightly bend. This will then cause the electrical resistance traveling through the load cell to change. A weight indicator then measures the electrical current change to display it as a digital weight value.

There are different types of load cells that differ based on the application, including S-beam, single-ended beam, double-ended Beam, single point, rocker column, compression canister, tension and planar beam. Choosing the right load cell can be complicated and experienced load cell experts can help.

Rice Lake Weighing Systems has several different load cell types to help measure the weight in anything from a bench scale to a truck scale. Learn more about load cells at Rice Lake’s Load Cell and Weigh Module Resource Center and consult with Rice Lake load cell experts whenever you need help choosing the correct load cell for your business.

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