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Yaskawa GA800 Industrial AC Drive Demo Customized to Your Application

yaskawa ga800 industrial AC drive demo

Lakeland is now scheduling demos of the new Yaskawa GA800 Industrial AC Drive. The new Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) from Yaskawa combines power, ease of use, flexibility, and performance. As an authorized distributor with certified drives specialists trained on Yaskawa, Lakeland provides expert assistance with an emphasis on customizing the solution to your application.

The GA800 industrial drive demo will provide you with the experience of:

  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Get connected to the drive via your smartphone
  • Powering-on and controlling the drive from your smartphone or tablet
  • Configuring and modifying parameters
  • Learning how to adjust and control the drive specific to your application

With local reps across the Midwest, Lakeland works around what fits best with your schedule to provide an in-person demo customized to your unique application.

From powering-on the drive via the keypad or your mobile phone, to setting-up and changing the drive parameters and more, our certified specialists will tailor the demo to your needs. Complete the form to the right to schedule your demo or contact

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About the Yaskawa GA800 Drive

The GA800 drive handles applications ranging from simple fans and pumps to high performance test dynamometers requiring precise regulation. This VFD is versatile in that it allows you to run a variety of applications with just one drive – from control induction, permanent magnet and synchronous reluctance motors.

The Yaskawa GA800 drive provides exceptional torque production and precise control, allowing effortless setup with GA800’s high-resolution display and connection to your favorite mobile device or personal computer. Whatever you choose, the navigation is user-friendly with configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting wizards.

ga800 drive demo start-up

Additional Benefits of the Yaskawa GA800 Industrial AC Drive:

  • Embedded safe torque off minimizes downtime
  • 12 Pulse version minimizes input harmonics
  • Conformal coating (standard) resists contamination
  • RoHS materials for environmental friendliness
  • Induction, permanent magnet, reluctance
  • Open and closed loop vector
  • Fast acting control for tripless operation
  • Integrated brake transistor up to 125 HP
  • Controlled from your network (Ethernet IP, ProfiNet, Modbus, and more)
  • High resolution display with Setup Wizards and Data-Logging
  • No Power? No Problem. Communicate with GA800 via power from your PC or mobile device
  • Store your drive’s data locally or push to / retrieve from the Yaskawa cloud
  • DriveWorks EZ provides custom capability with function block programming

Lakeland and Yaskawa Partnership Provides Unrivaled Support

Lakeland has a strong relationship with Yaskawa, built-up for decades. Lakeland and Yaskawa often work together on customized solutions for customers across a variety of industries. These relationships and umbrella of resources set Lakeland apart from other electrical controls distributors. From demoing drives, starting-up your drives, providing drive programming assistance and more, contact Lakeland for personalized drive support.

industrial AC drive demo
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